Elephants blog diary

The first of our holiday started with waking up at 6 am
On the 17th of October. By this point, we were pretty tired from a 9-hour flight from Sydney to Phuket and then another 3-hour flight from Phuket to Chang mi. We hadn’t slept for 24 hours and I wasn’t complaining. The excitement of being in a new country overpowered the headaches and lack of sleep. After all, we where in Thailand! After traveling, the next day (the 17th) we were going on elephants 🐘 I had been on elephants before but nothing like this. We woke up at 6 am and stumbled out of bed. Dressed ourselves and shoved each other out the door into the elevator and down to breakfast and if any of you know me. You know I am NOT a morning person. By I the time I had eaten my French toast and maple syrup I was in a better place. The taxi picked us up at 7:30 and we were so excited we basically jumped in the van.  It was a 1/2 hour drive up into the mountains and it was so beautiful. The curvy long roads and the feeling of being so tiny is amazing. We were all so excited. I could almost smell and feel the elephants underneath me. As we pull up and open the sliding van door my cousin jumps out then my sister and me a baby elephant runs up to us and pushes my cousin over straightaway the sound of laughter entered the car and it was a good feeling. It Was kind of like as soon as something happens everybody started laughing because just the thought of what was about to happen was making us happy. I turned around and saw everybody with massive smiles on their faces. There was a mother a 10-year-old elephant and a seven-month-old baby elephant. I walked over trying not to scare them with my excitement and touched the rough skin of the mother. The beautiful creatures that are right in front of me made me so happy. At that point in time, I wasn’t thinking about much else.  I wasn’t even thinking about the other people that were right next to me having the same experience as I was. I Had my camera with me and couldn’t stop taking photos of these wonderful animals. After about 20 minutes which only felt like five we put bug spray sunblock and got changed into elephant riding clothes. Set down for about 10 minutes and the man explained what we were doing that day. He told us a little bit about the elephants and why they are so amazing and why these people are trying to save them from extinction. We got back in the car and go five minutes down the road got out and walked down this hand-carved path, in The distance I could see about 10 elephants of all ages and sizes. All beautiful. We walked to a small shelter and he gave us an elephant each. mine was named is Poh, which means mountain in Thai. We Spent 10 minutes getting to know the elephants and figuring out their personalities. After while we walked down to the waterfall we got brushes in your hands and buckets of water and scrubbed their skin. This was one of The most amazing experiences of my life so far. I got Sand and scrub my elephant’s tusks. This was intimidating Because I knew how powerful these animals are. But I liked the feeling. Then once we had very clean elephants we got on them and rolled around in the water together. This was so fun. Much as I try to film it on my camera all it was me getting on and off and falling off getting on falling off getting on falling off. And everyone was so happy. We got on our elephants again and walked about 20 minutes to lunch but in that 20 minutes we walked up mountains down mountains through mud through water and brushed against many trees. Feeling of the prickly hair peeping through your clothes and lying on an elephant head is a feeling I will never forget. I think that anybody deserves to have the feeling of being on such an amazing animal. If Anybody goes to Thailand Chang Mai GO THERE the place is called Patara Elephant Farm 
link to there website: www.pataraelephantfarm.com
Anyway Back to the story. We Walk up the hill, slid down the elephant’s trunk and landed in a pile of mud I think it was mud but May I just say it didn’t smell like mud. I wash my feet my hands and walk up and give poh some bananas and sat down with the others for an amazing meal and eat together for about half an hour. After all, stuffing our faces we get back to our elephants and walk once more together. We are all tired by that point and all very content. We Get off our elephants and say a sad goodbye, they kiss us on the cheek and we kiss them on the truck. And watch the staff ride them back home. We got Back in our van go pay and get a T-shirt Each from the gift store (which I highly recommend now that every time I see that T-shirt I think of the amazing experience that I had there) oh and ps. I am wearing the shirt as I’m righting this blog. we get in the van ride back through the mountains one more time over the hill and passed all the locals, we laugh at how the dogs sit in the middle of the road and how the cows walking around not tied up to trees and go back into the city of Chang Mai to our hotel go to sleep very tired and very happy, if there was one word to describe the day I had that day I would say it would be “amazing”.

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