Chang Dao Thailand Travel Diary

Mosquitos Suck

As we drive along the winding road into the thick forest I look over at my mother she has car sickness written all over her face. I knew it was going to be a relaxing couple of days and I would catch up on some much-needed rest. We pull up in the beautiful surroundings of the nest hotel. We get our stuff out of the van and sit down at the cafe for a quick drink and check into our rooms. Now I know the lady said to us that we need to put mosquito spray on so we don’t get bitten at night but I didn’t think much of this. We walked into the beautiful little cabins, I see a big bed and a nice bathroom. Then we went down to lunch at the nest cafe and there is where I had the best omelet of my life and believe me I have eaten a lot of omelets. we walked up the hill to our cabins and quickly jumped in our swimmers and got in the pool.🏊‍♀️ After a long swim and a play in the pool, all 7 of us go into the huts outside and play some bored games until its dark. By this point, I had already got about 5 times and these mozzie bites hurt like heck so before it was time to go to bed I put on a lot of bug spray.I wake up at about 8;00 am and look at my legs that now have about 50 red dots on them. so I scratched my way down to the little town of Chang Dao and have breakfast in the little cafe, after breakfast we explore the little town and find out that they have awesome iced tea and I would recommend going there. the Beautiful scenery is awesome. My uncle hired a motorbike and we zipped around town for a while on that.In the afternoon we went back to our cabins for another swim. Later that night we went back to Play some games in the cute little huts outside and I saw in the distance some goats so me and my cousin walked up to them, as we where walking I said to Ella “let’s go up and Pat the one without horns just in case it gets angry and then it can’t hurt us” but before I could even finish my sentence the one with horns started bolting at us! I ran so fast that someone may even say I could be in the Olympics one day 😂 The staff started laughing at us as well. I had another bad night sleep in the fold up bed and the red dots we’re growing in size and number. The next day we woke up and my mum’s mozzie bites now did not look like mozzie bites anymore because they were infected 🙁 She says that they got infected Because the mozzies over here are different to the ones at home So her body had an allergic reaction to the little bugs. Next day we had to leave and go back to Chang Mai. I was quite sad it was a very relaxing couple of days apart from the bed’s mosquitos and goats. I 100% Recommend going there if you’re in Chang Mai for a little bit even a day trip would be nice. if there was one word to describe Chang Dao it would be charming.

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